ITB syndrome is one of the most common injuries among athletes.

The ITB is a large fibrous band spanning from the thigh to the tip of the tibia (shin bone). Whilst the ITB attaches to the knee and helps stabilise and move the joint, pain is generally felt on the outside of the knee, occasionally radiating inwards.

Causes of ITB Syndrome can include the following:

  • Uneven leg lengths – may affect hip abductor and pelvic bone position and functionality causing increased tension on the ITB’s
  • Over-pronating (curving inward) the feet when walking or running causes the tibia to rotate and increase tension on the ITB
  • Tight hip flexors and muscles supporting the hip and knee areas
  • Increased hip internal rotation and adduction causing stress on the ITB

A simple test to confirm if your knee pain is ITB related is to bend your knee at a 45-degree angle lifting slightly off the ground. If you feel pain on the outer side of the knee at any time it’s most likely ITB Syndrome

Acupuncture for ITB is performed at points around the hip area toward the knee. Other distal points around the body will be used in conjunction with Acupuncture theory and methods.  Cupping is a process where a vacuum is created in glass cups then applied to areas of tension.

This suction draws the skin, facia, blood and tissue to a superficial level primarily encouraging blood flow. The cups can also be slid along the muscle or tendon sheath, in this case along the ITB from knee to hip. 

Do you have stubborn knee pain that you’ve timelessly tried to seek treatment for?

We’ll look at alternate ways to assist in reducing pain. We’ll apply some simple emotional principles to see if it resonates with your life:

  • Depending on the knee affected, it can be related to not wanting to work with female or male energies – wanting to walk away.
  • Pain on the lateral side of the body is from external influences affecting the client emotionally, for example, your Mother puts pressure on you to do something you don’t want to do.
  • The pain can also can reflect hostility – not being enthusiastic about what’s going on in your life
  • We can explore the meaning of the pain type – dull, sharp, numbness, tingling etc.

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