Massage has been a healing tradition for thousands of years. Evidence of massage being practiced all over the world has been found, from the tombs of Egypt to China.

What massage style is the best for me?

With so many different styles and techniques out there, there isn’t a straight answer to the question. From most peoples experiences, the connection felt with the right practitioner is more important than a particular style. What do we mean by connection? We mean the type of practitioner who knows exactly where to massage, the right pressure, and the right amount of time.

What do we prefer?

At our Toowoomba massage clinic we don’t just stick to one style, we massage according to the clients needs. Everyone is unique, therefore will require different energy and pressure.

We find the most effective styles are Traditional Old Style Lomi Lomi and Tui Na (Chinese remedial). Both styles are incredibly different, yet at times so alike. The end result? Patients not only benefit from a therapeutic massage, they also feel a deep sense of relaxation and release.

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