AcupunctureAcupuncture found Meagan

Whilst in her prime, Meagan’s life path changed completely by a debilitating illness.

She was hospitalised in her late teens and exhausted all the western medicine avenues. It was suggested to her that she needed to ‘adjust to the physical and emotional’ pain. The pivotal turning point came by discovering Chinese Medicine, specifically Acupuncture.

Miraculously this lead Meagan on a path to recovery, and she has never looked back. She has incorporated this experience and her other personal experiences, into this healing art. Her desire is to help and inspire others who may have a similar story, to assist with pain relief and to help them heal. Acupuncture has many wonderful benefits, including a remarkable ability to help the body regenerate itself.

Now based in Toowoomba pain relief is Meagan’s passion, and she excels in Women’s Health and helping clients to cope with chronic debilitating conditions. She uses Acupuncture to enhance her treatments by assisting the body to promote healing & decrease pain.

Aiming to treat each client as an individual is a priority to Meagan. By understanding the importance of not leaving any stone unturned, she finds it extremely gratifying finding answers to illness and pain. Through her own suffering she has learnt the key to any success is to uncover the core of the problem to heal the existing pain. Once a client truly frees themself from pain, they can finally start living life and thriving.

Meagan knows her ‘left of centre’ approach gets results. Having been there herself, she can speak with authority and she practices what she preaches.

If you are in desperate need of pain relief and are hitting brick walls in finding recovery options, talk to Meagan. She has been there and she will be there for you too.

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