Detoxification: meaning the process of removing toxic substances

The human body has the wonderful ability to self-detoxify.  Our major organs of detoxification include the liver (main detox organ which converts drug and toxic chemical molecules so that they can be eliminated from the body via the urine), kidneys (excretes the converted toxic molecules sent by the liver), skin (the largest elimination organ), gut (includes intestines and colon) lungs and let’s not forget our lymph system (drains fluid and bacteria from tissues).

So if we possess such powerful systems of elimination, why do they need help?

Human beings are now exposed to such a high level of toxins via our highly polluted environment, our toxic food that is not only sprayed with chemicals but chemicals are also added in the way of additives and preservatives, internal toxins generated by unfriendly bacteria, yeasts and parasites, and lastly, from stress – yes indeed, stress causes toxic activity that decreases the immune system and can make us sick on an emotional and a physical level.  Ever used the term “toxic” friend??

Poor quality food also causes stress on the body.  An abundance of processed and sugary foods, fast foods, processed foods, food sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, tinned food, alcohol, recreation drugs and medications such as aspirin, caffeine, tap water all contain chemicals that the liver needs to process and eradicate.

Of course, years ago, there weren’t a lot of the above.  Depending on how far you go back, so many people now consume or are exposed to many, if not all, of the above.  And our poor livers are angry due to a backlog of orders, our kidneys are struggling from bacterial overload, our skin is unable to breathe due to congestion, our lungs are weak and full of mucus, our intestines are uncomfortable, and our colon’s are backed-up.

Who makes the ideal candidate for a detox?

  • If you suffer with: headaches, fatigue, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, peptic ulcers, chronic thrush (candida), allergies or sensitivities, depression, anxiety or mood swings, muscle aches and pains, skin rashes, bad breath or body odour, you are an ideal candidate for a detox.
  • If you work or live in an environment surrounded by chemicals or take regular medications including pain relief medicines or have used many antibiotics, then you’re an ideal candidate for a detox.
  • If you are heavily overweight then a detox program can be the beginning of an effective fat/weight loss protocol.

There is barely a client that I have worked with who, after a “detox”, hasn’t reported great results.

 What constitutes an ideal detox program?

A detoxification program must be safe, therefore I always question my clients thoroughly to ensure that the no foods or supplements will cause any adverse reaction so thorough investigation during our initial consultation is vital.

A detoxification program must be effective.  Part of my service includes a follow-up, this may be in the way of a quick telephone call a week later to ensure that the client is experiencing positive results such as more energy, eliminating daily, feeling happy and lighter.  Basically, that they are enjoying the program and feel that their health has improved.  Ideally, a two-week follow-up consultation will discover whether or not a client has achieved all results required and will determines whether or not to continue the program.  Sometimes a client feels so good, they wish to continue the program and continue working on a specific area which requires a specialised approach.  For example, a hairdresser who is or has been exposed to continually high chemical levels may wish to include supplements and foods which target specific toxic chemical elimination.

I can tailor designed your detox program for specific chemical elimination such as sugar, caffeine, nicotine or recreational drugs, toxic metals etc.

Are supplements necessary?

Not always.  It depends on the individual and what it is they wish to achieve.  However, certain supplements are formulated with all the necessary amino acids and other nutrients to enhance certain organs of elimination.  For example, if you are experiencing skin problems, then I may recommend a product that will specifically target the skin to improve detoxification.

Cleansing and repairing the body with a safe and effective detox program can restore health, vitality and wellness by allowing your body to heal, breathe and operate in the effective capacity that it’s designed for.

Your body will love you for it!

– Julie McElroy – Nutritionist.