A condition often seen in our clinic is shoulder pain.

Generally shoulder pain is caused by inflammation (bursitis), physical injury or arthritis. In fact it is easy for practitioners to mistake bursitis for arthritis, especially if the condition in chronic.

Traditional Chinese Medicine theory is based on a flow of energy called ‘qi’ of which the body consists in different forms and layers. Understanding how ‘qi’ flows through the body allows us to treat shoulder pain according to illness (signs & symptoms), lifestyle and constitution.

Often the severity of shoulder pain is measurable by the limited range of motion when our Hervey Bay clients move their shoulders. It’s a great way for us to measure the efficacy of our treatments after a typical session.

Essentially it is believed that Acupuncture stimulates sensory receptors and nerves that transmit impulses into the pituitary gland and hypothalamus sections of our brain. As a result the neurotransmitters Serotonin and Endorphin are released, blocking the messages of pain in the shoulder sent from the brain.

If you suffer from the following signs and symptoms then consider making an appointment at our Hervey Bay clinic today:

  • Pain in and around the entire shoulder
  • Radiating pain towards the elbow or wrist
  • Pain worse when lying on the affected shoulder
  • Pain worse when extending or moving your arm above shoulder height
  • Painful arc of movement – shoulder pain felt between 60 – 90° of arm moving up and outwards
  • Constant dull pain regardless of arm position
  • Pain with everyday activities such washing hair, brushing your teeth, or reaching for high items

For stubborn cases of shoulder pain we will begin to look at underlying emotional factors:

  • What shoulder is affected and what this means emotionally
  • Underlying resentment
  • Carrying life’s burdens on your shoulders (exploring reasons and solutions)
  • Linking fluid build-up and retention with emotion

If you’ve identified any of the pain signs and symptoms or other aspects of this article then don’t hesitate to book a Hervey Bay Shoulder Pain treatment by clicking here. Alternately you can call us on 0406 688 832 to discuss your requirements.